Go Pro Session Hat Mount


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This is a 3D printed Hat Mount for the Go Pro Session cameras. All functionality is available with the camera in the mount including charging and SD card access. The camera slides into the front and can be quickly removed by pushing down on the front tab and sliding the camera out.

Because we don't ever want the camera to come lose and get in the way of what we are doing we designed it to be bolted to the hat for permanent installation! 

We supply a guide to put on the hat and align then drill through to get the bolt locations correct. You will need a 13/64 drill to make the holes. We recommend doing the first hole and then putting a bolt through the hole and guide from under the brim to keep the location correct. Then do the second hole and make sure it is square and where you want it. If so do the other two holes. If not then do the third and fourth hole before coming back and correcting the second hole. Take note, that because most hats have curved brims that the holes are drilled at an angle to make them correct to the brim surface.

If you buy a hat from us at the same time as the mount you can put in the order comments that you would like it installed and we will install it for you.

We are not responsible for damage to any hat if you are not techinically competent with a drill and able to align the guide as described.

Limited Lifetime warranty against defects in design and manufacturing. We will replace any mount broken during normal use, you just cover shipping and handling. Warranty does not cover abuse or cosmetic issues.