Frankford Arsenal X-10 Case Reducer


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These are precision 3D printed case reducers to work in the Frankford Arsenal X-10 reloading press. These are made by Inception Defense and are not Frankford Arsenal products.

These Case reducers are made to be specific to each caliber being reloaded. This reduces excess play in the tube, makes the cases stack better from the case feeder and elliminates the cases being able to kink as the bottom case is removed from the stack which often causes jamming or damaged cases.

We can custom design a custom case reducer if you don't see the option you need in our list available. If you want such an option, please select the custom case reducer option then in your order comments let us know what caliber cases you need to feed, what the maximum outer dimension of the case is (that may be at the rim of higher up the case) and then the overall length of the case. It is important you are accurate with these dimensions so please use calipers or similar. A dimension from a tape measure is NOT accurate enough. If in doubt please email us and we can work through it with you.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our 3D printed parts. If it breaks, send it back to us so we can work out why (and improve future versions), cover shipping and handling and we will send you a replacement.