1911 Base Plate


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Extra Large base plates specifically designed to be IDPA legal (fit in the box) and USPSA Legal. Large bottom surface makes for easier grabbing from a pouch and super easy seating into the gun with less impact on your hands. The large bottom surface has built in ledges for easy stripping of a stuck magazine.

These pads fit on "most" magazines that have lips on the bottom of the mag tube that allow the original base pad to be slid off (some fitting may be required). The base pads were specifically designed to work with the Wilson Combat Elite Tactical Magazines, which we believe are the best 1911 magazines available (available separately and with our base pads installed here).

The pads are CNC machined from billet in the USA and are designed to be the same exact weight as the pad removed from the Wilson Combat magazines. They come with internal pockets machined into them into which you can insert tungsten weights (3/8 OD similar to Pinewood derby car weights) for the fastest mag drops out of your pistol possible!

The bottom face is also machined with magazine identifier dots (just use a sharpie in the dot to identify each magazine) or pick different colored base plates to identify each magazine quickly and easily so you know if any have issues or need cleaning after being dropped.

Made in the USA and with a lifetime warranty against functional issues or manufacturing defects (does not cover cosmetics from being dropped or normal use).